The 5800 Medical Chair is Designed for use in:
  • Kidney Dialysis Centers
  • Chemotherapy Centers
  • Outpatient Recovery Rooms
  • Patients who require special chairs
  • 2 full length Folding Trays
  • Can be placed in the full recline (shock/trendelenburg) position by patient
  • You can perform CPR on the patient without causing the chair to tip over
  • Has Casters on the front and glides on the back
  • Redesigned mechanism with cross bars for greater strength
  • Removable/adjustable headrest
  • Cup holder in each tray
Dimensions (Standard Chair):
  • Length in upright position - 40 inches
  • Length in full recline position - 68 inches
  • Height in upright position - 42 inches
  • Width with trays folded - 33 inches
  • Width with trays extended - 56 inches
Tray Dimensions:
  • Trays are 24 inches off the floor
  • 24 inches long x 10 inches wide
  • Each tray has two locking folding brackets
  • Trays can be customized per customer's specifications
  • Locking Swivel Casters on the front and Locking Non-Swivel Casters on the back
  • Push bar at the rear of the chair for full mobility
  • Side arm cushion for smaller patients, that fits between the patient and either side of the chair
  • Fire Retardant Material