R.O. Water Storage and Pumping System Includes:
  • Premium Grade Conical Bottom Polyethylene Storage Tank with Sealed Lid and Vented Manway.
  • 2 each 25 gallon per minute at 60 PSI, Stainless Steel Distribution Pumps with Starters, 3-Phase Disconnects and Bypass Valve assemblies.
  • Control Box.
  • "Tank Full" Float Switch to shut off the R.O. System when the Tank is full.
  • "Tank Low" Float Switch to activate an alarm light at the nurses monitor when the Tank is 2/3 empty.
  • Drain Valve.
  • "Tank Empty" Float Switch to shut off the Distribution Pump(s) when the Tank is empty.
  • "Restart" Float Switch to restart the R.O. System when the Storage Tank level drops by 25%.
  • Ultra-violet lamp assembly
  • 2 each Bacteria or Pyrogen Filters with Shut off Valves and pre and post Pressure Gauges.
  • Powder Coated Steel Stand
  • Sprayer for continuous rinsing
Many sizes available.